Friday, February 1, 2013

Update2 : OpenWrt on a Belkin Share Max N300 (F7D3301 or F7D7301)

Please refer to my old blog post for the details on the modifications. This is just an update from the earlier patches, and some of the content in earlier blog apply here as well.

As of rev@34995 (Jan 2013), the bgmac driver is officially supported in OpenWrt. This means now we dont have to apply George's patches to get the bgmac support anymore.

We still need the patches for
1. LZMA loader
2. Belkin custom TRX magic
3. Diag
4. Netconfig scripts.

I am posting a cleaner updated patch below, which applied perfectly on top of rev@35445. It should work without much pain on most other recent trunk versions as well.

Below are the exact steps to produce a trx file, which can be flashed via CFE.
1. Checkout openwrt (a specific version)
svn checkout --revision=35445 svn://
Other versions may work, but I have not tested any other version for these patches.

2.  Apply My custom patches
    Download from here: belkin.7301.r35445.patch
    cd trunk   
    patch -p1< belkin.7301.r35445.patch

3. make menuconfig    
    select Target System Broadcom BCM947xx/953xx
    select Target Profile Broadcom SoC, bgmac Ethernet, BCM43xx Wifi wl

You will have the trx in the usual place after a successful compile.
Look for the file: bin/brcm47xx/openwrt-brcm47xx-f7d3301-squashfs.trx

Please note the below points if you flash the above trx.
1. default IP address at LAN side is
2. telnet can be accessed at default IP,

Please note that I am trying to submit this patch to openwrt officially and get it supported. But it seems like there might be some work to clean it up for the likings of openwrt. Any of you folks are familiar with the process, please feel free to take the patch and submit it.