Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OpenWrt on a Belkin Share Max N300 (F7D3301 or F7D7301)

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OpenWrt on a Belkin Share Max N300 (F7D3301 or F7D7301)

It was not a difficult job. Had to write a couple of patches to get it working. But a lot of work had been done by "George Kashperko" for Asus-RT-N16 . I took his patches, and applied some Belkin Specific patches.

The main modifications I made are:

1. Belkin trx headers: For some reason Belkin chose to use a custom header for trx. So modified the Makefiles to generate trx files with this custom header. Without this custom header Belkin CFE wont allow flashing the trx. And I preferred to not touch the CFE.

2. LZMA loader: Due to above modification, now I had to add some more code in the lzma decompressor and loader, to recognize the belkin headers. Without this the lzma loader will load, but wont boot, since it doest understand the new trx format.

3. Bridge setups. The virtual lan setup files needed some modification because of changes in port connections.

4. Diag and LED/GPIOs. Needed some modification to recognize the correct gpio pins and power/diag/usb leds.

Below are the exact steps to produce a trx file, which can be flashed via CFE.

1. Checkout openwrt (a specific version)
svn checkout --revision=30776 svn://

2.  Apply George's patches
    Download from here: 

    patch -p1 < 000-openwrt4716-TARGET_brcm4716-clone-brcm47xx.patch
    patch -p1 < 001-openwrt4716-TARGET_brcm4716.patch
    patch -p1 < 002-openwrt4716-TARGET_brcm4716-deps.patch

3. Apply my patch
   Download from here: 003-belkin-f7d3301.patch
   patch -p0 < 003-belkin-f7d3301.patch

4. make menuconfig
     select Target System -> Broadcom BCM94716
     select Target Profile -> Belkin PlayMax F7D4301

You will have the trx in the usual place after a successful compile.
Look for the file: bin/brcm4716/openwrt-brcm4716-f7d3301-squashfs.trx

For reference one trx I compiled is here : openwrt-brcm4716-f7d7301-squashfs.trx
This is for reference ONLY. Even though I can see many users finding this good enough, I suggest you compile your own trx, when you see your needs are different. If you flash the above trx, you will have telnet access at to your router.

You can install packages from openwrt trunk. But for that you have to addthe below lines to /etc/opkg.conf . Please dont install kernel modules from trunk snapshot, that may lead to kernel instability. But other packages should work without much issue. But as always, if something doesnt work from trunk snapshot, try compile that yourself using proper menuconfig.
arch all 100
arch brcm4716 200
arch brcm47xx 300

For details on opkg look here : opkg reference

Have fun...