Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yate-4.1 on Openwrt with Google Voice support


Update: August 22, 2012
Yate 4.2 is already out and so I updated the below instructions and adde a new Makefile. See the related blog on Yate 4.2 at the link below:

Yate-4.2 on Openwrt with Google Voice support

Puiblished: June 2, 2012

I had been using Yate4 for sometime and it is an excellent telephony application. As of this writing openwrt trunk only includes yate-3.2 and this limits some of the advancements in the application. I like a lot of things about yate, even though it may not be categorized as a replacement for asterisk. For a lot of folks, the excellent Google Voice support in yate, makes it a must have item in their embedded device running openwrt.

I will explain how to make yate 4.1working in openwrt. There are help pages available in openwrt for
1. how to create custom feeds
2. how to create a package
And they both explain a lot of detail on how you can achive getting custom feeds in clean way. So I am not planning to put a lot of effort on explaining those, and will focus on the core part, the makefile.

Also I will show you how to create an ipk file which you can install on your openwrt platform. The cleaner way of doing is create a custom feed and put yate4 package with the makefile in the custom feed.

Here is the makefile you can use for this purpose.

The steps to compile your own ipk is below. The pre-requisite for this is that you already have setup your openwrt compile environment, and know how to compile openwrt from source.

1. Goto your openwrt compile environment base directory.
2. mkdir package/yate
3. Download Makefile.yate to package/yate/Makefile
Note: if you dont have compiled openwrt in this directory, you might have to build the toolchain before the next step.
make tools/install
make toolchain/install
4. make package/yate/compile
5. make package/yate/install

You will have the yate4 ipk file under bin/packages
Now you can use opkg install yate4.ipk to install this package to your openwrt platform.

How to make google voice working. I was going to explain this detail here, and was documenting how I made it working. But I realized that now there is an excellent documenation in the official yate webpage.
Here is the link:  Yate4-ConnectingToGoogleVoice

Follow that link to make google voice working.

Note: For a handful of folks, who dont have an openwrt compile environment, and want to have an ipk, please post a comment with the exact router model you have (to know the cpu) and your kernel version. If I already have an ipk compatable for the model, I will share it with you. (please dont expect a reply if I dont have the ipk for you.)