Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yate-4.2 on Openwrt with Google Voice support

Update: August 22, 2012
Yate 4.2 is already out and so I updated the below instructions and updated the makefile. This time I also took some time to find the exact dependancies and added that in the makefile.

1. Goto your openwrt compile environment base directory.
2. mkdir package/yate4
3. Download Makefile.yate4.2 to package/yate4/Makefile
Note: if you dont have compiled openwrt in this directory, you might have to build the toolchain before the next step.
make tools/install
make toolchain/install
4. make package/yate4/compile
5. make package/yate4/install



  1. I've managed to install Yate 4.2 on my WNDR3800 using your new Makefile (having a wget-able URL would be great!) and am successfully making outgoing calls. Do you know why I might not be receiving incoming calls? I've forwarded the appropriate port to YATE and can make outgoing calls even while off my own network.

    Also, what's your preferred method of starting YATE on boot?


    1. Are you talking about Google Voice Service? I have incoming working very well even inside NAT, so I dont know what could be the issue. I have seen some folks mentioning about a default timeout if you dont make any outgoing calls. But frankly I never faced this issue.

      Regarding starting yate on boot, I use an rc.d script, which eventually executing
      /usr/bin/yate -d -l /var/log/yate.log -p /var/run/


  2. Hi Manoj,

    I've been following your updates to compiling Yate4.2 for OpenWRT trunk version.

    My question to you is that your Makefile is adequate in building all of YATE in one go. Where as the current YATE 3.2 makefile within Openwrt has options to modularize most components which are not "required." For instance, if I wanted to install YATE just for google voice purpose, I can omit most of the YATE modules.

    Have you attempted to bring your Makefile in line with the modular structure of installing YATE on OpenWRt based routers ?

    The reason I ask is because there are routers which contain 8MB flash and may not be able to fit the ENTIRE YATE installation, but may be able to fit a modularized version.


    1. Chirag,

      To me the module is too overkilling for Yate. Let it compile the full thing, you can always remove the non-required modules from your build root after compile, and then do another "make target/install".

      Yate itself is so modular that each and every module is separate.

      Definitely I agree that it looks cleaner with a completely modular Makefile, but I just dont have the time to investigate each dependency and maintain it. Infact I just published something which I made for my use, without any intention of spending time to maintain it.


  3. Manoj,

    Would you happen to have an installation for TP Link WDR3600?